29 / 50

The Dyke Pub & Kitchen

Cost: £11.95 + £1.00 filling

Reviewed: 16/04/2014

Not strictly the last friday of the month, as was the original remit for this hare-brained idea, but to introduce the noob, Stuart, to the team, Dan treated the boys to a spot of lunch at The Dyke on Dyke Road.

It was an unseasonably warm and sunny day which meant the Ray-ban Aviators got their first outing of the year, and we could enjoy the garden facilities, rare for April, right?

In amongst the Star Wars talk and the tales of retro video games; Stuart and Tristan share a love of 'Um Jammer Lammy', some half decent beef burgers were devoured, albeit the general consensus amongst the testing team was that they were a little bit on the pricey side.

Scores are below and it's fair to say we weren't quite as impressed with The Dyke as we were with Hove Place. Pretty average all round, particularly as Stuart's bacon burger was delivered sans-bacon (it turned up 5 minutes after the burger did)


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Reviewer A star containing a juicy droplet.Juiciness A star containing a burger bunBun A star containing an image of a chef hat.Flavour A star containing the GBP sign.Value A star containing a lightning boltX Factor Score
Greg tucking into a burger too big for him Greg 7 7 5 5 6 30/50
Tristan with a mouthful of chips Tristan 3 5 5 3 8 24/50
Daniel looking like he's enjoying a burger a little too much. Cheeky cheeky. Dan 7 7 8 5 5 32/50
Stuart eating a burger so large he should have known better. Stuart 7 7 5 4 5 28/50
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  • A star containing an image of a chef hat. Flavour
  • A star containing the GBP sign. Value
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Want to visit The Dyke Pub & Kitchen?

Address: 218 Dyke Rd,

Tel: 01273555672

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Website: The Dyke Pub and Kitchen


Unfortunately, The Dyke does not have wheelchair access although although it can be accessed via a side entrance which has two small steps up. The toilets are accessible albeit not strictly disabled facilities.

There is a nearby meter parking or there is free parking a short distance away from the pub up Dyke Road.

I'm reliably informed that if you're planning a visit the staff would be more than happy to assist with any help that may be needed in accessing the entrance to the venue.


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