Code 7 is a Brighton & Hove based Web Design and Development agency and in the interests of staff morale, team bonding and the general wellness of the team, we've come up with a novel way to ensure that spirits are high (and waistbands are expanding).

Born is the Code 7 Brighton & Hove Burger Review. The burgers are waiting, the team is hungry and Dan is paying. Hooray!!

Over the course of the last few months we've taken it upon ourselves to undertake the exhaustive challenge of visiting as many burger joints in the Brighton & Hove metropolitan area as is humanly possible. Tough, but in the interest of all burger fans out there, its a public service we felt had to be undertaken.

With scoring categories as diverse as burger juiciness, bun goodness, burger flavour, value for money and the elusive X Factor (a bit like the ITV show but without Louis Walsh), we set out to find Brighton & Hove's finest purveyor of quality burgers.

Score System

All the restaurants were reviewed by the team and given an overall score out of 50. Since we can't always make it an average is taken of the scores afterwards to make it as fair as possible.

  • A droplet of juice inside a star background


    Just how mouth-wateringly juicy is your burger? Dry burgers are wrong.

  • A bun inside a star background


    The patty delivery device is an integral part of your burger enjoyment. How did the bun stand up to our testing process?

  • A chef's hat inside a star background


    The money shot. How tasty is your burger? Did it tick all the boxes?

  • A GBP sign inside of a star background


    Did your burger provide value for money? You can pay too much for a 99p burger and an amazing burger can seem like a steal at £20…and vice versa.

  • A bolt of lightning inside of a star background

    X Factor

    This is that super subjective thing that makes each review unique. That je ne sais quois, that something special about the experience. Could be the special sauce, the atmosphere, great presentation, or it could be some french fries that make you wanna cry.

Now it's time to

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