38 / 50

Hove Place

Cost: £10.00 + £1.00 filling

Reviewed: 28/03/2014

We kicked off our adventures with much anticipation and a little trepidation at Hove Place on First Avenue. Greg would have you all believe that this is establishment is possibly the finest in all Christendom, but I'm reliably informed he did the rebranding, so if you hear him bigging up the place, take it with a pinch of salt ;)

Anyway, it was a homely little place with very friendly staff. The three of us (Stuart hadn't joined the team yet) particularly enjoyed it though Tristan isn't a fan of this whole "let's put the chips in things that are impossible to eat them with a fork from" trend that seems to be sweeping pubs and restaurants across the nation. Note to all eatery establishments: just put them on a plate and keep him happy, please.

The burger itself was a hand minced short rib and chuck beef burger with a homemade mayo, salad and pickled red onion filling, alongside hand cut chips and apple coleslaw. For an extra £1, Greg and Dan (not Trist, of course) added some crispy pancetta and blue cheese. Yummy!

The scores for Hove Place's burger offerings are below - a comfortable and solid performance and a great start to our challenge.


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Reviewer A star containing a juicy droplet.Juiciness A star containing a burger bunBun A star containing an image of a chef hat.Flavour A star containing the GBP sign.Value A star containing a lightning boltX Factor Score
Greg tucking into a burger too big for him Greg 9 7 9 8 8 41/50
Tristan with a mouthful of chips Tristan 7 9 6 10 4 36/50
Daniel looking like he's enjoying a burger a little too much. Cheeky cheeky. Dan 6 7 7 8 8 36/50
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  • A star containing an image of a chef hat. Flavour
  • A star containing the GBP sign. Value
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Want to visit Hove Place?

Address: 35-37 First Avenue

Tel: 01273738266

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Website: Hove Place


Accessibility-wise, Hove Place is not particularly well set for wheelchair users as they are at basement level with a staircase down front entrance. There is rear access through the garden and the manager mentioned that their staff are always happy to help with access down the stairs.

As this is Brighton & Hove, parking is pretty limited although there are pay and display bays close by.


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